Parables of Pythagoras

by Pythagoras the Praying mantis



Multi-layered meaningful rhymes in these serious times...


released November 1, 2016

All honour, praise and credit due to the Most High and his only son Y'shua the Messiah. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at UK Runnings HQ


all rights reserved



the Praying Mantis UK

From Birmingham UK comes a style that is unorthodox. The Mantis is a beast on the mic Preying on the same time Praying for peace. The Praying Mantis is also a kung fu style designed, not just to absorb enormous impact, but also to repel it. Pythagorastheprayingmantis@instagram ... more


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Track Name: Glass Mountain
I want to take you all on a class outing,
To travel the path of the glass mountain
Pythagoras is back in the saddle bouncing,
Graphics on the track and my dad Patrick found it!
He came from the wilderness of the plains,
And his aim was to build up his children and his name,
Filled them with the flame and skilled them in the art
Of working with glass stained killed with silver darts!
Mother Nature had brought him to the base
And his stubborn nature always made him war against
She loves the saviour you always stored up hate,
The story could get gory but there’s glory for the saints!
There’s gonna be a battle see what war paints
As we walked toward a place called the North Face,
We got a small camp it’s what we called base,
When the avalanches landed then it all changed!

I’ve got my bible and rifle in the tightest grip
I’ve got my eyes on the prize and 5 survival kits,
I’ve got my people on one side of a wide abyss
Ready to climb to the peak and reach up to the heights of this!

The weather was harsh and the storms were frequent
The foundation was strong but the walls were weakened
The treasure was far but I was born to reach it
Salvation for the wrongs that were all sworn to secret!
Leather and bark kept us warm in the blizzards
In the summer we’d run and jump into the rivers
Pumice stones pummelled bones skin shivers
The icy face of life gave us the chills and jitters!

I branched out to scout the best route
Hoping I could show the rest a way to get through,
The cliffs and the passages rocks by the precipice
Whispers of massacres on the top of Everest!
A frosty terrorist never pushed harder
Saw the burning bush but can’t look at the father
Fire proof branches Mantis cooks in lava,
The man is remanded and branded with foot markers!

I’ve got my bible and rifle in the tightest grip
I’ve got my eyes on my wife and our tiny kids,
I’ve got my people on one side of a wide abyss
Ready to climb to the peak and reach up to the heights of this!

The sheer height of it excited me quite a bit
Im not frightened I’d like to be near the side of it,
Ive got my spikes and climb like Im cycling
Rhyming silently getting violent with the mic within!
Cuts and bruises lines are cut or severed
But it’s all worth it if I can touch the heavens!
I love the music when its rough and weathered
My leather face emanates any stuff remembered!
I met a guide on the slopes who had jokes
But was serious about finding me and my folks
Before the ice started sliding like our freedom and hope
Down the side of the cliff into the freezing below!
I was show a vision Christ given
A selection of sights like the light from a prism
My wife was with him singing songs with the children
I belong with the pilgrims and the fighters that have risen!

I’ve got my bible and rifle in the tightest grip
Christ is the way I chose a life of discipleship ,
I found the ridge and the bridge across the wide abyss
(Ready to climb the peak and reach up to the heights of this)
climbing to the peak to see His Highness as a finalist!
Track Name: Fallen

You were the best one of the brightest stars,
Wonderful to behold (yes) lightning fast,
I was young and impressed with how you'd write psalms,
Charming design when rhymes possess righteous bars!
And so confident your competence was strong and
spread like a monument across continents,
Father loved you and hugged you with confidence
'Till you became arrogant with embarrassing consequence!
A born leader with musical duty
Praise and worship making verses for the uni,
You were beautiful Lucy
But we became concerned when you learned movements of cruelty!
Foolishly challenging rules carrying tools
dazzling jewels like you were shooting a movie,
But you were mad and confused with vanity too
Bad news damaging views loosing your beauty!

You know I loved you
Now its all changed
You became ugly the day you brought pain
Those thoughts you wrought that made you talk strange
(You didn't call for help - self ordained!) x2
(A fallen angel unable to see the LORD reigns)

I remember the day you became jealous,
I remember the way in which you came to tell us,
That there were new members/ new agendas
That were brought into the family insanity flamed the embers!
You never trusted Dad
"he must be mad to snatch up all those orphans just because of the love He had"
The way you rushed in to grab your cutlass fast
without caution warning us all you were sure they must be bad!
Then you found out they shared the same genetics,
It made you possessive and jealous vain and reckless,
Then your loud mouth tried to change the message
to claim the blessing stressing His brains infected!
You couldn't step into His presence
And yet you say you possessed the same essence waving weapons
Expressing your anger getting defensive
I prayed you'd repent but instead you rebelled and made an exit!


Now your roaming the land growing demands
Dicing with vices price is gold in advance
Souls in a trance and the only command
is life for a life sacrifices showing the plan!
Devising schemes of supreme sizes
with complex designs where objects freeze inside it,
Inticing human beings to leave the righteous
life provided by Elohim Almighty!
You hated the kids made in His image
Now your taking 'em in making 'em sin breaking the limits,
Your just a snake in a ditch aching to finish
every victim who trips into traps you laid for living spirits!
there was a perfect man humans confirm
who was crucified but then rose from the tomb observe
I can't wait for Y'shua to return
Very soon in the future we'll see Lucifer burn
Track Name: the Blind Swordsman

…I lost my sight as a youngster
Plunged into darkness eyes had been punctured,
To survive the hunger I would fight on the tundra
and slice 'em with the mic provided by the Ironmonger!
Living with hardship on the margins
Sharpening the sword of the spirit 'till it's sparkling in the darkness,
Deliver hard lyrics of carnage
Harnessing the force of the spirit 'till jot's image is in my carcass!
You can expect the unexpected,
first impression - unprotected
Hidden weapons become effective,
When they eject and stun the wretched,
Keeping control after defeating my foes I make a humble exit
Like I'm possessed with the soul of a Samurai
Flows are released on potent beats that'll paralyse,
Soldiers rest on the scrolls left by Malachai,
Dome are breached and open clean when I grab the mic!

The blind swordsman
Rhyming with reason
Christ is my portion
Life has a meaning
Divine calling
Slicing the heathen
leading 'em toward the truth fighting for freedom!

This is the story of an orphan
who trained until he became a furious swordsman of fortune,
A blade inside his cane supported him
His name was Zatoichi a masseur who had a quick draw that was awesome!
A Yakuza without tattoo's
Handling dice gambling jewels slicing candles in two,
They assumed this man's a masseuse
Smashing the mic challenging crews
Grinding grammar for food!
A serial killer something he'd later regret
Reflected in his willingness to jump in and connect
with those suffering
Covering nuff of 'em in a sec,
Detecting the villainous cutting 'em in the chest!
They could see he was blind pagans were careless
Underestimating his spacial awareness,
Anybody in need he would save 'em
Beheading the enemy legacy of a blades man!
Track Name: Area 6

I was a copycat clocking that killer rhyme
Body bags copy that drop a Philistine
Sorry man but I gotta give a bit of time
To the sinners life before its finished beginning with mine!
I watched the bloodshed violence hate and crime
I was desensitised probably by the age of 9
Take your time and then by the age of 10
Im making rhymes breaking spines with a laser pen,
Maybe then crazy men will respects the skill
check the kills,
Put some pepper on whats left to grill
Hammer to the skull brain on the pavement
Grammer to the skull mammals trained in the basement
Death is real my records deal with an agent
Flesh is filled better still I'll wreck a stage an
Step away let the flames engulf it
Everyday pulp fiction listen to it get your skull split!

(Check it) Every second that is spent
Is one step closer to the very end,
You know my weapon is the pen -
Revolving with rhymes  you'll find possession with intent
feel the pressure in your head -
Repent and pray today we'd better represent,

I had a wicked side plus I was a bit blind
Till the spirit hit me and convicted me big time
I was living in spitting distance of a sick mind
Convinced it was winning while swimming against the riptide of this life,
I think its time sin died
Inside and outside rinsed clean drip dried,
Which is impossible if I'm not inclined to the gospel of peace which gets increased when I'm in Christ!
When thoughts manifested mans wretched
Infected and damned without a gram of antiseptic
Unless we can find a man elected to deal with the torture inside like a divine paramedic!
Get the power ready apple macs melt
Beating up tracks like a mad man with a blackbelt,
Leaving em stacked up on a packed shelf
For people to eat later eating beef flavour can help!


Rich countries
Big companies
The number 6
You sitting comfortably?
Kids are hungry
Sick bunnies
Stitched tummies
Terror central
Its funny!
Money is minted printed in the devils temple!
Thick dummies think for me
Rebels get bloody
Everybody got heavy mentals!
Never content with inheritance
Modifying body parts dying flying muscle and skeletons
Invent monsters using elements
Gods crying dont rely on artificial intelligence!
A littlr evidence
Enhancing the eye grants man supervision
I roll with a remnant used to truth and wisdom who
Do what we have to do to so choose a mission! Listen
Track Name: Phantom Zone
The Phantom Zone
Consuming the room truth or science fiction, 

The rumours are true this dudes a wired Christian

Who relies on the Messiah 
to provide sufficient

Fuel for the fire true supplier of the diction,

Fly in to the system of the solar

An inter dimentional realm
 Given over to the owner

Die inside a prison that is colder 

The alpha and omega has control

Listen closer and I'll show ya,

The important war and  mission of a soldier

Is fought with the sword and the wisdom of Jehovah

The zone of the soul

Where your sins are exposed

And your calls ignored until you give them over, 

To the Lord of the Universe master of the galaxy

Caught in a battle between action and apathy

in an antigravity contraption
 where atoms are contorted in orbit and packed into your anatomy!

The phantom zone

Stranded yo

Random companions hanging alone

Tantrums groans

Abandoned souls

Demanding an answer and a
chance to go home!

Suspended animation damnation

Wincing in pain glimpsing phantom faces

Horrendous contamination

Mad contagious

Ink stains rinsing their brains of imagination! 

Incarcerated for ages without aging

Aware of everything but unable to engage in

Locked into the bars like cages that are claiming their hearts and minds

Scarred by time as it changes!

Cant escape till you have the release date

Trapped in a systematic intergalactic dream scape

The only way to get a clean slate
enter the freeway through faith breaking out of the police state!

Mental chains are broken when we break the mould an' remake our homes in the chosen,
Temple gates open and re-shape the domes of those who like the DJ to replay the potent!
Track Name: Regicide featuring Michaelis Constant
By Barrowclough, mSTORK, Joel the Custodian
Track Name: Project AirRaid
Whats up with this superficial loose fickle stupid and trivial music business? 
dudes are pickled juice dribbles you witness
My crew's official chewing gristle too vicious!
Using Jujitsu I'll grip new rhythms 
Twisted em an lifted to the roof they grew different, 
Choose tuition supervision clues given
Suspicious figures listen to superstition! 
Use the widom of the living God 
sit em in the synagogue
Gifted in the image of the risen,
If they choose the truth give em props
If not finish em like nimrod in the spirit as it's written! 
The limits off rip em
Shimmy shimmy yah got the vison
In the gym with my kids big bars mirrored 
fight the system Christ is risen when all you got is a few nickles 2 pistols 
and a pigeon...
Battle station
Rap nation
Smashing tracks leave mad lacerations
Tackle those sack rappers who are fake an
*have bad navigation I'll grab the apperators!
(* need to step back and watch proper application)
Its a shame to view puppets  spew rubbish
and painful to watch it consumed by the public
The tables been laid and soon they'll be coming to scrape the remains into the  veins of your stomach!
The flames grew and something flew out of the rubble
an angel of Babel unstable and sluggish,
It made men slaves to ways that he loves but a few rugged braves were overcome with courage!
Rushed in cutting with blades that were forged in the the flames of the Lord who reigns up on the summit,
Customised weapons were made to be worn
By the saints in war paint awaiting the ruckus!
Aeroplane raids better
Stay in the bunkers unless your names in the book of life and you're covered!
Tear the fake away your days have been numbered
As I plunder the stage  in ways dangerous to others!

Im a liability to the military industrial complex
Bomber jet ability
Gliding at night time flying invisibly
Locked on to the top gun with Constant delivery
Fiery rhymes dive into the vicinity
And literally come alive from inside of your limousine,
You can either drive on or thrive on the mystery when filled with the content
Project high-divinity!
Silent and deadly violent considering
My life is Christ's but the mic has been killing me,
Dieing to hear me rip a beat and spit a freestyle meanwhile they're Whispering in the middle of Italy!
Tear into the airwaves they're played visually
Fairly tame hairbrain players change quickly
Wear shades Air raids share pain and victory
Bear caves stair case airbase history!
Track Name: OathKeepers
Check it Imma get into this right now,
It's time to step up never slide down,
There's an advantage to standing on high ground
Soldiers fight with oversight using live rounds!
That's the message I'm protecting my house,
Lets forget tryna lie down lights out,
Shots fired whenever a crime's found
Die proud knowing that I tried this is my vow!
Are you a cunning fox or a wise owl,
Would you fill your money box while your wife drowned,
Or could you sacrifice your life?
Find out why you're looking at the bloody cross with a dry mouth!
It's a rugged path the one that Christ found,
I'm spitting rugged raps because I like sound,
Sitting in an underpass ripping mics (WOW)
He's coming back like a Thundercat in a white gown!

Are you an Oath-Keeper?
(I'm an Oath-Keeper)
*Will you go deeper?
(Gotta go deeper)
Do you know Jesus
(now I know Jesus)
Is my soul reaper
*(He's my soul feature) X2

*Are you a grown leader
(I'm a grown leader)
* Is my old Teacher

…I've gotta tell you I'm committed,
To my spouse to my house and my city,
I've gone through hell God helped me to stick it out
Lifted out whenever I dwelt in the Spirit!
Many struggles fighting the righteous fight
There's white knuckles tightening muscles like
plenty get troubled
I'm finding Elijah's might
The mic buckles fire doubles when Messiah strikes!
My entire life I've been observing
Those that are devoted and who know which God they're serving,
And those who're just conversing
Never really taking into account the amount of folks they're hurting!
I don't wanna be that
I wanna see more
I wanna read maps
I gotta leap forward
Word is bond means a lot better recall
The days when we meant what we said now we free fall!


I promise to be a faithful husband,
To take care of the children and love them,
God stabilised an unstable substance
laid bare the building and filled it with abundance!
I promise to be a loyal companion,
An oiled component in the royal battalion
A Perry Barrbarian employed by the champion
Rolling with the soldiers
Enjoyable- maximum!
I promise to not make any promises
I intend to break mistakes and apologies,
I won't take any hostages
I won't break any locks or wake up the anonymous!
I promise to rip every track I get on
Raps hit ya head on
I'm packing heavy attack heavenly backed weapons
Penetrating caps with electrons
Many are zapped and collapse in seconds!
Track Name: Rapcha

I live for the LORD and strive toward excellence
The Word is my sword and it's all about the testament
Give to the poor providing all types of refreshment and guidance
While they're hiding from the war and pestilence,
Faith without works is like a corpse without breath and since
the body's stopped moving there's been a lot more decadence,
Jesus resurrected from the dead He's the head of it
Breathing splendour into every member who remembers it!
He was the centre of attention now the devil is
Death is spreading beheading any kind of reverence,
Leading us into believing that's where the pleasure is
Selfish motives promoted on Sky televish
I mean television and that isn't where the treasure is
The LORD has a plan and He's drawn out all the measurements
Biblically methodical you can call me a methodist
Evangelising and describing God's divine messages!

Ring the alarm the Kingdom is coming
But instead of sweating we should be singing something
'When the saints come marching in' with their trumpets
On the day of reckoning when He begins the judgement,
I cling to the blood of the lamb sinners should love it
Because it covers them before they begin to plummet
Understand the Son of Man will bring us comfort
When brothers and sisters are living in a Christian republic!

It's time for refinement like gold in the fire
'Till your mind's in alignment with the Holy Messiah
You'll find the assignment is to grow in desire
When you get to know the only one who knows our trials,
I was living low until I chose the higher
The milks sweet but give some meat to this growing child
Built on the rock now I can behold his style
Intelligent design rhymes are flowing like the Nile!
A sound like the rushing of water in the firmament
Will be heard in the world followed by pure turbulence
The rapture will snatch up all of the Lords servants
from the earth before it fractures and patches collapses permanent!
The King will return to establish what His Word has said
Concerning the kingdom that was hindered by accursed men
All those who love Him will want nothing but to worship Him
The serpent is crushed by dusty feet that meet in Birmingham!

I yearn for the return of the eternal kingdom
To this sinful world that pinches pearls and flings 'em
To the swine who delight in crime burning wisdom
Reversing the divine and cursing my learned kinsmen!
Blind to the burden thats turned into a symptom
You've observed the sin furthering murder in England
It's time to repent and find the word that links them
To the Prince of Peace sink the beast in an instant!
Revelation heavens waiting for the signal
The master will start the next chapter in a twinkle
Pass the ink and a pad which has the sacred symbol
flipping pages filled with illustrations that made it simple!
The bridegrooms coming for the bride who stayed single
God is triune and like a typhoon His weight hits you
Turn from your wicked ways and face the grizzle
race on make a song Hbomb change your visual!
Track Name: Mind of the Master
Mind of the Master

Sync into the mind of the Master…
Captivating designs made to capture the imagination
It's time for the rapture
Activating rhymes describing divine stature!
Thinking through the lines of the chapter
In a universe where the Word defines matter
Imagine the synapses firing
Spit slang big bang atoms fly past ya!
You can see the galaxy forming
Bars are the stars keeping the planets in orbit
The Sons in the centre gravity's calling
The Carpenter's carving up all the granite for Him!
Can you believe this radical drawing
Left by the Architect for man to adore it?
You can see His Majesty's awesome
Blessed from the start and yet we plan to ignore Him!

Enter the mind and you'll find an adventure

Space and time making lines to the centre

The inventor then entered His invention

Sent with the intention of the redemption agenda!

From His neural pathways through a porthole came immortal born to change the rat race

Before there were rap tapes

He'd recorded and established His audio for the fan base!

The heart beats 
Reap the harvest

You can read the charts
 see stars in the darkness

Peaceful street marches
 Police charges

Jesus feeds the starving 
Meeting targets!

The life the death and resurrection

The Logos circle 7 bread of heaven

Look into the eyes of the master mind I dare ya

the Afterlife will scare ya
If you dont accept Him!

I heard about the traveller from Nazereth

How he unravelled the castle labyrinth

He broke the code and showed Pythagoras
How to grow in battle and overthrow the savages!
That's when I jumped into the river
Punched in the code now I know I'm delivered
He paid a figure infinitely bigger than any digit ever considered by the living
He gave me the Spirit Which made me vigorous
Saved a sinner that was ignorant and villainous
Now I'm having visions of the beginning
and the infinite wisdom of the King who delivered us!
From the mind to my body and soul
The spirit to the heart find the rock has been rolled
The mics loaded and Gods in control
Mined from the Mind find bars of solid gold!

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