Mind of the Master

from by the Praying Mantis



Mind of the Master

Sync into the mind of the Master…
Captivating designs made to capture the imagination
It's time for the rapture
Activating rhymes describing divine stature!
Thinking through the lines of the chapter
In a universe where the Word defines matter
Imagine the synapses firing
Spit slang big bang atoms fly past ya!
You can see the galaxy forming
Bars are the stars keeping the planets in orbit
The Sons in the centre gravity's calling
The Carpenter's carving up all the granite for Him!
Can you believe this radical drawing
Left by the Architect for man to adore it?
You can see His Majesty's awesome
Blessed from the start and yet we plan to ignore Him!

Enter the mind and you'll find an adventure

Space and time making lines to the centre

The inventor then entered His invention

Sent with the intention of the redemption agenda!

From His neural pathways through a porthole came immortal born to change the rat race

Before there were rap tapes

He'd recorded and established His audio for the fan base!

The heart beats 
Reap the harvest

You can read the charts
 see stars in the darkness

Peaceful street marches
 Police charges

Jesus feeds the starving 
Meeting targets!

The life the death and resurrection

The Logos circle 7 bread of heaven

Look into the eyes of the master mind I dare ya

the Afterlife will scare ya
If you dont accept Him!

I heard about the traveller from Nazereth

How he unravelled the castle labyrinth

He broke the code and showed Pythagoras
How to grow in battle and overthrow the savages!
That's when I jumped into the river
Punched in the code now I know I'm delivered
He paid a figure infinitely bigger than any digit ever considered by the living
He gave me the Spirit Which made me vigorous
Saved a sinner that was ignorant and villainous
Now I'm having visions of the beginning
and the infinite wisdom of the King who delivered us!
From the mind to my body and soul
The spirit to the heart find the rock has been rolled
The mics loaded and Gods in control
Mined from the Mind find bars of solid gold!


from Parables of Pythagoras, released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


the Praying Mantis UK

From Birmingham UK comes a style that is unorthodox. The Mantis is a beast on the mic Preying on beats...at the same time Praying for peace. The Praying Mantis is also a kung fu style designed, not just to absorb enormous impact, but also to repel it. Now a part of changethetape.bandcamp.com ... more


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