Check it Imma get into this right now,
It's time to step up never slide down,
There's an advantage to standing on high ground
Soldiers fight with oversight using live rounds!
That's the message I'm protecting my house,
Lets forget tryna lie down lights out,
Shots fired whenever a crime's found
Die proud knowing that I tried this is my vow!
Are you a cunning fox or a wise owl,
Would you fill your money box while your wife drowned,
Or could you sacrifice your life?
Find out why you're looking at the bloody cross with a dry mouth!
It's a rugged path the one that Christ found,
I'm spitting rugged raps because I like sound,
Sitting in an underpass ripping mics (WOW)
He's coming back like a Thundercat in a white gown!

Are you an Oath-Keeper?
(I'm an Oath-Keeper)
*Will you go deeper?
(Gotta go deeper)
Do you know Jesus
(now I know Jesus)
Is my soul reaper
*(He's my soul feature) X2

*Are you a grown leader
(I'm a grown leader)
* Is my old Teacher

…I've gotta tell you I'm committed,
To my spouse to my house and my city,
I've gone through hell God helped me to stick it out
Lifted out whenever I dwelt in the Spirit!
Many struggles fighting the righteous fight
There's white knuckles tightening muscles like
plenty get troubled
I'm finding Elijah's might
The mic buckles fire doubles when Messiah strikes!
My entire life I've been observing
Those that are devoted and who know which God they're serving,
And those who're just conversing
Never really taking into account the amount of folks they're hurting!
I don't wanna be that
I wanna see more
I wanna read maps
I gotta leap forward
Word is bond means a lot better recall
The days when we meant what we said now we free fall!


I promise to be a faithful husband,
To take care of the children and love them,
God stabilised an unstable substance
laid bare the building and filled it with abundance!
I promise to be a loyal companion,
An oiled component in the royal battalion
A Perry Barrbarian employed by the champion
Rolling with the soldiers
Enjoyable- maximum!
I promise to not make any promises
I intend to break mistakes and apologies,
I won't take any hostages
I won't break any locks or wake up the anonymous!
I promise to rip every track I get on
Raps hit ya head on
I'm packing heavy attack heavenly backed weapons
Penetrating caps with electrons
Many are zapped and collapse in seconds!


from Parables of Pythagoras, released November 1, 2016
Produced by Pythagoras



all rights reserved


the Praying Mantis UK

From Birmingham UK comes a style that is unorthodox. The Mantis is a beast on the mic Preying on beats...at the same time Praying for peace. The Praying Mantis is also a kung fu style designed, not just to absorb enormous impact, but also to repel it. Now a part of changethetape.bandcamp.com ... more


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