Project AirRaid

from by the Praying Mantis



Whats up with this superficial loose fickle stupid and trivial music business? 
dudes are pickled juice dribbles you witness
My crew's official chewing gristle too vicious!
Using Jujitsu I'll grip new rhythms 
Twisted em an lifted to the roof they grew different, 
Choose tuition supervision clues given
Suspicious figures listen to superstition! 
Use the widom of the living God 
sit em in the synagogue
Gifted in the image of the risen,
If they choose the truth give em props
If not finish em like nimrod in the spirit as it's written! 
The limits off rip em
Shimmy shimmy yah got the vison
In the gym with my kids big bars mirrored 
fight the system Christ is risen when all you got is a few nickles 2 pistols 
and a pigeon...
Battle station
Rap nation
Smashing tracks leave mad lacerations
Tackle those sack rappers who are fake an
*have bad navigation I'll grab the apperators!
(* need to step back and watch proper application)
Its a shame to view puppets  spew rubbish
and painful to watch it consumed by the public
The tables been laid and soon they'll be coming to scrape the remains into the  veins of your stomach!
The flames grew and something flew out of the rubble
an angel of Babel unstable and sluggish,
It made men slaves to ways that he loves but a few rugged braves were overcome with courage!
Rushed in cutting with blades that were forged in the the flames of the Lord who reigns up on the summit,
Customised weapons were made to be worn
By the saints in war paint awaiting the ruckus!
Aeroplane raids better
Stay in the bunkers unless your names in the book of life and you're covered!
Tear the fake away your days have been numbered
As I plunder the stage  in ways dangerous to others!

Im a liability to the military industrial complex
Bomber jet ability
Gliding at night time flying invisibly
Locked on to the top gun with Constant delivery
Fiery rhymes dive into the vicinity
And literally come alive from inside of your limousine,
You can either drive on or thrive on the mystery when filled with the content
Project high-divinity!
Silent and deadly violent considering
My life is Christ's but the mic has been killing me,
Dieing to hear me rip a beat and spit a freestyle meanwhile they're Whispering in the middle of Italy!
Tear into the airwaves they're played visually
Fairly tame hairbrain players change quickly
Wear shades Air raids share pain and victory
Bear caves stair case airbase history!


from Parables of Pythagoras, released November 1, 2016
Produced by Bunker beats



all rights reserved


the Praying Mantis UK

From Birmingham UK comes a style that is unorthodox. The Mantis is a beast on the mic Preying on the same time Praying for peace. The Praying Mantis is also a kung fu style designed, not just to absorb enormous impact, but also to repel it. Now a part of ... more


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