I live for the LORD and strive toward excellence
The Word is my sword and it's all about the testament
Give to the poor providing all types of refreshment and guidance
While they're hiding from the war and pestilence,
Faith without works is like a corpse without breath and since
the body's stopped moving there's been a lot more decadence,
Jesus resurrected from the dead He's the head of it
Breathing splendour into every member who remembers it!
He was the centre of attention now the devil is
Death is spreading beheading any kind of reverence,
Leading us into believing that's where the pleasure is
Selfish motives promoted on Sky televish
I mean television and that isn't where the treasure is
The LORD has a plan and He's drawn out all the measurements
Biblically methodical you can call me a methodist
Evangelising and describing God's divine messages!

Ring the alarm the Kingdom is coming
But instead of sweating we should be singing something
'When the saints come marching in' with their trumpets
On the day of reckoning when He begins the judgement,
I cling to the blood of the lamb sinners should love it
Because it covers them before they begin to plummet
Understand the Son of Man will bring us comfort
When brothers and sisters are living in a Christian republic!

It's time for refinement like gold in the fire
'Till your mind's in alignment with the Holy Messiah
You'll find the assignment is to grow in desire
When you get to know the only one who knows our trials,
I was living low until I chose the higher
The milks sweet but give some meat to this growing child
Built on the rock now I can behold his style
Intelligent design rhymes are flowing like the Nile!
A sound like the rushing of water in the firmament
Will be heard in the world followed by pure turbulence
The rapture will snatch up all of the Lords servants
from the earth before it fractures and patches collapses permanent!
The King will return to establish what His Word has said
Concerning the kingdom that was hindered by accursed men
All those who love Him will want nothing but to worship Him
The serpent is crushed by dusty feet that meet in Birmingham!

I yearn for the return of the eternal kingdom
To this sinful world that pinches pearls and flings 'em
To the swine who delight in crime burning wisdom
Reversing the divine and cursing my learned kinsmen!
Blind to the burden thats turned into a symptom
You've observed the sin furthering murder in England
It's time to repent and find the word that links them
To the Prince of Peace sink the beast in an instant!
Revelation heavens waiting for the signal
The master will start the next chapter in a twinkle
Pass the ink and a pad which has the sacred symbol
flipping pages filled with illustrations that made it simple!
The bridegrooms coming for the bride who stayed single
God is triune and like a typhoon His weight hits you
Turn from your wicked ways and face the grizzle
race on make a song Hbomb change your visual!


from Parables of Pythagoras, released November 1, 2016
Produced + Mixed by Wisdm



all rights reserved


the Praying Mantis UK

From Birmingham UK comes a style that is unorthodox. The Mantis is a beast on the mic Preying on beats...at the same time Praying for peace. The Praying Mantis is also a kung fu style designed, not just to absorb enormous impact, but also to repel it. Now a part of changethetape.bandcamp.com ... more


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